36CH  C.M.S.

36CH CMS for Remote Monitoring and Video Playback

36CH CMS for Windows

36CH CMS is a FREE software to satisfy users who need to monitor multiple surveillance sites. When you connect it to the NVR, you can not only  monitor live footage, but also playback and download the video clips as evidence quickly.
This software is compatible with AVTECH H.264 IP product range, including IP camera, NVR and video server. We recommend to use stand-alone NVR for recording and 36CH CMS for monitoring, which makes the whole system more reliable than PC recording.




System  Installation

 download 36ch cms download user manual
Minumum PC Requirement:
– OS: Microsoft Windows 7
– CPU: Pentium4 3.0GHz or above. Core i5 is recommended
– RAM: 1GB. 3GB or above is recommended
 – Network: 10/100M Ethernet. Gigabit Ethernet is recommended
 – Display: 1366×768 or 1920×1080 (1080P) resolutions or above
* If you couldn’t launch 36CH CMS on your PC, please read this.
** Visit here to get technical support


Feature  Overview

Auto Scan


This function is used to quickly search all IP cameras and NVRs in the same area network. You may add the device found to this software, or modify the network setting of the device found.


Download Backup


The video recordings copied remotely from the NVR for backup will be converted automatically to the format of “AVI”, a popular video format to be used for each video player.


Language Editor


This function is used to localize this software in your language. A free editor is provided with clear menu structure to help you translate the user interface into your language

Quick Playback


This function is used to download and play the latest 30- second video recording for the selected channel.