WDR IR Bullet Camera AVT2406

WDR IR Bullet Camera
Easy Installation, Easy Inventory Control

Smart Auto Focus
Camera focus is adjusted automatically every time when optical zoom is performed to ensure
the clearance and accurancy of video images.
Easy Inventory Management

The Ezum™ series with the motorized vari-focal lens design can not only replace traditional fixed lens and vari-focal lens cameras to save your inventory pressure of different cameras, but also simplify the adjustment of cameras. You don’t need to be at where the camera is installed to adjust its focal length and focus; instead, you can use our DVR or EagleEyes to do the adjustment remotely. It’s very convenient.

Ezum™ Installation
The best advantage of the Ezum™ series is that all you need to do is
to finish camera installation and aim the camera at where it’s
supposed to monitor. The focal length and focus adjustments could be
done remotely on DVR with its user-friendly control icons
(Motorized Vari-focal Performance)
Night Vision Enhancement
The smart control of IR brightness could be done to provide
consistent night vision performance at any angle.
(Night Vision Performance)
The contrast between light and shade is obvious, resulting low facial recognition efficiency. With WDR, this camera is able to increase face recognize and decrease overexposure. You will never obtain dark and blurred images.
(WDR Performance)

Defog is supported and can be used in poor weather conditions such as fog, smog or smoke. The
captured image can be improved.


EaZy External Application

Used as a secondary display output to show camera video at D1 resolution, or used to preview video with a CCTV tester during camera installation

Alarm I/O:
Digital input / output to connect alarm devices as well as 12V DC (up to 100mA) to offer power to the connected alarm device


Heat Dissipation Design
Better heat dissipation performance compared with other
models, which reduces the risk of damage caused by camera overheat.